A new feeling of visiting bars

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Built for you

Make the most of your nightlife experience with our new app. Choose your favorite bars on our interactive map and find them with our navigation. Information about events, current happy hours and specials can be viewed in the app. By redeeming coupons and visiting the bars of blocal-partners the user receives valuable blocal-points, which bring exclusive advantages. After each stay in a bar, the user is given the opportunity to rate his or her stay and share their experience.

Explore your city

With blocal there are no limits to your joy of exploration. Just open the app and get started.

Discover new places for you and your friends

Do you know the new bar just around the corner? Not yet? Then it's about time!

Always being up-to-date with the coupon system

Coupons show you events, happy hours and specials from the bars in your area.

Collecting blocal points

Earn loyalty points for redeeming coupons and receive exclusive benefits.